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Have you ever wished that you knew more about one of your ancestors? For most of us, understanding our family history is a powerful desire. Knowing more about our past, especially the people and events that helped shape our lives can give us a deeper understanding of who we are and how we fit into the greater tapestry of life. These are the stories of our families. If you are anything like me, you may have a bunch of photos (mostly unorganized) and a few remembered stories told to you by your parents. Some lucky families might have diaries or letters handed down to help keep their ancestor’s alive. But for most of us, stories about our ancestors are something we wish we had.

But imagine what it would be like to see and hear your grandparents (or even great grandparents) tell their story in their own words?

Below are several options for bringing your family history to life including possibilities for other types of videos depending on your needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or have an alternative idea about what you might like.


This consists of a finished 30 Minute Video Biography with some music and delivered on DVD. There are two versions.
-The first of these consists of an on-camera interview filmed at my studio (or your home) and then edited with 30 of your photos.
-An alternative to the above (if you are uncomfortable being on camera) consists of an audio only interview conducted at your home and then edited with 50 of your photos.

Price for both: $600
CLICK HERE to view a short sample of a DELUXE INTERVIEW


This is a 20-Minute Video Biography delivered on DVD with some music but made simpler by utilizing a narrator to tell your story with your pictures. It does require you to write out your life story (approximately 7 pages double spaced). I will provide easy to follow guidelines for writing it, a narrator to read it and you provide 30 photos.
** This can be a good alternative if you wish to memorialize a family member who is no longer alive, but you want to preserve their memory for future generations.

Price: $400


This is a 15-Minute Biography on Audio CD. The interview is conducted in your home and only takes about one hour to complete.

Price: $300


I have recently had requests for this style. This consists of a short (3-5 minute) looping video of photos set in motion. It can be done with or without music. Copies for family members do not loop but include a DVD menu to start the program and music if desired. Once you have supplied me with approximately 35 pictures I can have your DVD ready in 8-12 hours.
** Some of my clients have used this as part of a service honoring someone who has passed away, but it can also be used to celebrate someones special event ( a 50th wedding anniversary, a birthday, a retirement, etc.)

Price: $350


DVDs are $10 each and CDs are $5.

If you are unhappy with the finished product for any reason, you pay nothing.

The interview itself is easy and fun. One of the ways I keep it simple is to divide the interview into manageable parts. When someone describes their life experiences there are generally eight areas to concentrate on.
They are...

  1. Geneology/Heritage
  2. Childhood
  3. Young Adulthood
  4. Love/Spouse
  5. Career/Military
  6. Family/Children
  7. Spirituality
  8. Life lessons
Obviously, everyone's life is different and the emphasis on each of these areas may be more or less than another, but for most of us, focusing on these eight areas gives a pretty good picture.

At the interview we will talk about these eight areas using questions you have seen beforehand (Please see side bar). The final edited interview may only spend about two-minutes on each so you will have no trouble finding something to say. In fact, I encourage people to keep answers very short (1 minute or less). We can also do questions over if you think of a better way to say what you want. The main thing is to keep it simple: like a conversation with an old friend.

Prior to your interview, I will give you an information packet. This packet explains the whole interview process again and how easy it really is. It also includes a simple checklist of two easy and fun things you need to do to prepare for your interview and to get the most out of it.
  1. The first thing you will need to do is preview the Interview Questions that I will ask during the interview. If you would like to you can choose to write down some notes to help you remember what you want to say during the interview. You are even welcome to add a question that you would like me to ask if you have a specific story that you want to include.
  2. The next thing you will need to do is to gather about 24 photos that you would like included in your biography. These should correspond roughly to the eight areas we talked about earlier and should be fun to put together. I will give you a list of ideas prior to our meeting.

On the day of your interview, I will meet you at my studio or at your home at the time we have chosen. Once the interview starts, most people quickly forget about the lights and camera.
The first thing I will have you do is read a short narration introducing you and the subject of the video. This is audio only so no need to worry about the camera.
The second thing I will ask you to do is simply talk a little about the photos you have chosen. This helps me know where they belong in your video.
We then move on to the actual interview, which only takes about 30 minutes. This is where I ask the interview questions.

That's all there is to it. I hope this helps explain how fun and easy it is creating a record of your life that generations of your family will cherish.